Metropolitan & City Police Orphans Fund

Formerly the metropolitan & City Police Orphanage

Frederick Cecil Griffiths, Born 8th September 1907, was admitted to the orphanage in 1918. He emigrated to Australia but on the long voyage he developed an absess to his hip joint. It was only after his arrival in Australia that the seriousness of this injury became apparent, but despite the best efforts of the doctors, his condition proved fatal. He died on 11th January 1923 in the hospital at Castlemain aged 16 years. 

Although he had only been in Australia for two weeks; his death immediately struck a chord in the local community. The community and members of the Victoria Police Force contributed to the cost of his funeral and grave.

Over the years the grave was badly damaged by kangaroos. The Victoria Police Historical Society fully restored the grave and on 3rd May 2008 a re-dedication ceremony took place attended by the honourable Bob Cameron, Minister for Police and Emergency Services, members of the society and descendants of the orphans who had settled in Victoria.

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